Leading the Era
with Our One and Only Paperboard

Daiwa Itagami is a company that produces unique paperboard like no other.
It surpasses the mere contribution to expressing "product individuality" and "brand concept"; it sparks design inspiration for creators who seek paper as a wellspring of ideas.
A simple touch of our paper sets creators' smallest notions ablaze and allows them to flourish.
We believe that the products born from this process create a ripple effect that shapes a captivating new era.


Generating New Waves from Paper -
This is the slogan Daiwa Itagami proudly upholds.
We will continue to produce unique paperboard that serves as the catalyst for creators' ideas, aiming to generate significant waves in the era starting from each sheet. As a creator of paperboard, we aspire to helm the way alongside creators, shaping the course of the era.
With such passion in our hearts, Daiwa Itagami crafts its paperboard.

A Paper Manufacturing Company
with a History of Over 70 Years

Daiwa Itagami Co., Ltd. (Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture) is a paper manufacturing company founded in 1952. For over 70 years, we have been producing paperboard and recycled paper pulp.
With the goal of being a company that remains relevant for decades and even centuries to come, our employees come together as one and strive for further advancements.
What is Paperboard? "Paperboard” refers to thick paper.
At Daiwa Itagami, we manufacture various unique paperboards with different features, including "colored paperboard" and "durable paper." Our paperboards have a thickness ranging from 0.3 to 1.6mm.
Recycled Paper with High Waste Paper
Content in Most of Our Products
Daiwa Itagami is a company that transforms waste paper, damaged paper, and hard-to-process waste paper into recycled paper.
Even before the increased awareness of SDGs, we have been dedicated to "resourcing paper waste" as part of the circular economy.
Through strenuous improvement in our technological capabilities to avoid wasting valuable resources, the recycled paper content in the majority of our paperboard is over 70%.
We believe that resourcing paper waste is not only an important aspect of our business but also a social responsibility.
We will continue to actively utilize waste paper, damaged paper, and hard-to-process waste paper in the future.
A Paperboard Enamored
by Various Designers
At Daiwa Itagami, we manufacture approximately 70 types of paperboard.
We offer a wide range of variations in terms of color, texture, and otherwise.
Our paperboard collection embodies unique stories within each sheet, such as "double-sided colored paperboard" and "paperboard mixed with turf or tree bark."
As a paper manufacturer, we strive to be in tune with the needs of diverse creators. That's why we collaborate with designers in the process of developing our paperboard.
By exchanging ideas with designers on factors such as usability and current trends, we create new and distinctive paperboard for their creative endeavors.