• Factory Overview

    A Paper Mill Surrounded by Nature in Western Kashiwara City

    The Daiwa Itagami Headquarters Factory is located at the foot of a river.
    Our company name comes from the "Yamato River" (currently known as Nagase River) that flows in front of the factory.
    Within an approximately 3,000 square meter site, numerous machines, including two paper machines, are placed in a dense array.
    In addition, in consideration for the environment, we reuse most of the water used in the papermaking process. Our company aims for coexistence with the opulent nature area of Kashiwara.
    We offer factory tours and warmly welcome nearby elementary school students and kindergarteners.

    Producing Paperboard with a Thickness Ranging from0.3mm to 1.6mm

    At our main factory, we use two paper machines to produce paperboard with a thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 1.6mm, manufacturing up to a maximum of 165 tons per day.
    The factory operates 24 hours a day, and our employees work in a three-shift system, handling tasks from receiving recycled paper to papermaking and final packaging.
    A significant number of female employees play an active role in the finishing and packaging department.
  • Facilities

    Land 10,668 square meters
    Building 5,244 square meters
    Paper Machine
    Mesh Width: 1,930mm
    Sheet Width (maximum): 1,710mm
    Production Capacity: 75 tons per day
    Yankee Multi-cylinder
    Mesh Width: 1,930mm
    Sheet Width (maximum): 1,710mm
    Production Capacity: 90 tons per day
    Recycled Pulp Manufacturing
    Daily Production: 30t per day Width: 1,400mm
    Boiler Equipment K-2000LE, 10 units, total capacity 20t per hour (manufactured by IHI)
    Power Receiving Unit 4,500KVA (1 Set of Power Receiving Units)
    Factory Wastewater
    Treatment Facility
    Made by Kobelco
    4,000t per day
    1 Machine (DAF system)
    6,000t per day
    1 Machine (DAF system)
    10,000t per day
    1 Machine (DAF system)
  • Access

    Head office

    5-32, Kawaharacho, Kashiwarashi, Osaka
    TEL:072-971-1445 FAX:072-971-1449