• Our Slogan


    Daiwa Itagami is a company that produces unique paperboard like no other.
    It surpasses the mere contribution to expressing "product individuality" and "brand concept"; it sparks design inspiration for creators who seek paper as a wellspring of ideas.
    A simple touch of our paper sets creators' smallest notions ablaze and allows them to flourish.
    We believe that the products born from this process create a ripple effect that shapes a captivating new era.


    Generating New Waves from Paper -
    This is the slogan Daiwa Itagami proudly upholds. We will continue to produce unique paperboard that serves as the catalyst for creators' ideas, aiming to generate significant waves in the era starting from each sheet.
    As a creator of paperboard, we aspire to helm the way alongside creators, shaping the course of the era.
    With such passion in our hearts, Daiwa Itagami crafts its paperboard.
  • Our Philosophy

    Bringing Happiness to Every Employee and Contributing to the Earth

    Daiwa Itagami is a paper manufacturing company specializing in recycled paper.
    We transform used paper boxes, cardboard, and paper waste into recycled paper.
    Through our corporate activities, we strive to reduce paper waste and contribute to forest conservation, making a positive impact on the Earth's environment.
    The achievement of this goal relies on the collective effort of our employees. However, without the happiness of our employees, new ideas and creative thinking cannot thrive, ultimately affecting the production of high-quality paperboard.
    Guided by the belief that happiness should extend not only to our employees but also to those around them, we aspire to create a workplace brimming with smiles and vitality.
  • Company Overview

    Company Name Daiwa Itagami Co., Ltd
    Location(Head Office) 5-32 Kawaharacho, Kashiwara-city, Osaka 582-0004
    Location(Tokyo Office) Kanda Kadouchi 4F, 3-7 Kanda Kajicho, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo 104-0045
    Established March 1952
    Capital 50 Million Yen
    Executives President and CEO(Representative Director): Takanori Kitamura
    Chairman of the Board : Mitsuo Kitamura
    Senior Managing Director : Kanta Ito
    Senior Managing Director : Shigeo Seo
    Managing Director : Naoki Suda
    Member of the Board of Directors : Makoto Sato
    Member of the Board of Directors : Mitsunori Suda
    Auditing Director : Takio Kitamura
    Number of Employees 99 Employees (as of March 2023)
    Main Products White Board Paper
    Colored Board Paper
    Chipboard and White-lined Chipboard
    Core Paper
    Milk Liner, Milk Paper
    Affiliated Associations Japan Paper Association
    Japan Color Paperboard Industry Association
    Japan White Paperboard Industry Association
    Japan Core Paper Industry Association
    Main Business Partners Kashiwabara Kami Shoji Co., Ltd
    Shinsei Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd
    Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd
    Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd
    Miyama Paper Manufacture Industry Co., Ltd
    Itochu Pulp & Paper Corporation
    Nihon Shikan Kogyo Co., Ltd
    TAKEO Co., Ltd
    (In no particular order, honorifics omitted)
  • Head Office

    5-32 Kawaharacho, Kashiwara-city, Osaka
    TEL:072-971-1445 FAX:072-971-1449
  • Tokyo Office

    Kanda Kadouchi 4F, 3-7 Kanda Kajicho, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo
    TEL・03-6811-6950 FAX・03-6811-6951
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